Crock Pot Roast

Crock Pot Roast

Crock Pot Roast


  • Roast (size of roast will vary depending on the number of people you’re feeding and the amount of fat in the cut.  Type of roast can vary as well.  Different roasts will yield a different texture meat).  I have used a pot, round, rump, or chuck roast for this meal, all with great results. 
  • Baby Carrots (ready to eat).
  • Potatoes (honestly, any white potato would work — russet, red, etc.)
  • Onion (sweet/ vidalia) Cut out 6-8 large strips.
  • Beef Bullion cube
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Bay Leaf (optional)

Pour desired amount of carrots and peeled (or not), cubed potatoes into bottom of crock pot.  Place beef bullion cube in center and pour enough water to completely cover your vegetables (if any vegetable is sticking out much it will likely become hard while cooking).  Sprinkle with pepper and salt.  Lay roast on top of vegetables (if there is a side of fat, lay fat side up if possible).  Sprinkle with more salt and pepper (personally, I’m generous with the salt).  Lay strips of onion and bay leaf (if used) on top of roast.  Cover with lid and cook on low 8-10 hours. or high 6-8 hours.  

**I have personally found that rump roast needs longer to cook.  If your meat isn’t falling apart or easily shredded when you go to eat it, it needs to cook longer.  You shouldn’t need a knife to eat this meat!  An extra hour or two can do wonders for a pot roast.

I grew up on Pot Roast, so it’s no surprise to me that this is one of my favorite meals!  Two of my favorite things about cooking roast in a crock pot is that it is hearty and so super easy.  With a 1.5 year old on my hands, easy meals are much needed around here these days.  I love to cook and love to eat good food even more, so I don’t want to sacrifice my love of cooking just because I have a child, there is a part of me that needs to cook.  Cooking is my outlet for stress — cooking makes me happy!  I need to feel creative and since I’m not all that artistic, the kitchen is where I can fill the need to create something.  While I may not get to create new foods as often as I’d like, simply having prepared a good meal for my family (new or old recipes, simple or complex) at the end of the day satisfies my soul.  And everyone loves great food!

Another thing I’ve discovered about this new busy life as a Mom is that I can’t create an entire “new” meal all at once (most of the time).  So, I’ve reckoned with trying new recipes one at a time.  For example, if I want to try a new roll recipe, I’m likely to use a simple, easy dinner recipe to go with it.  That way I can focus on making the one new thing amazing and know that if it doesn’t turn out so amazing, there’s still something on the table that I know will please my family.  Roast in a crock pot is a great meal for when you’re busy, tired, sick, or want to focus your efforts on a new side dish, bread, or dessert.


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