Meet the Blogger

I’m a country girl, raised out in the country with dogs, cats, a goat, more cows than I can count, and even a couple of pet bunny rabbits.

I love cooking and entertaining people!  I love throwing a party with all of the trimmings and if I have time/money to decorate for the occasion, all the better.  Cooking is my outlet, even though I have a one year old, I still manage to try new things.  Albeit it takes me a LOT longer as I work around her needs!  I won’t pretend that I get something amazing on the table for supper every night, but I try to do it most nights.  Some nights are just deserving of Dominoes pizza (which my husband LOVES).

My food style is that of anything with robust flavors.  Not necessarily “spicy,” but flavorful.  You won’t find mildly flavored recipes on this blog.  I like to keep this blog simple, you’ll notice there’s not a lot of pictures.  Part of that is due to my forgetting to take pictures of the dishes I make, the other is that it drives me crazy to see step by step pictures of things like “sprinkle in salt.”  If you really need me to show you how to sprinkle in salt, you might want to take a cooking class friend. You will find a lot of recipe reviews here, most of them are recipes I’ve found online or from a cookbook/magazine.  I do my best to link back to original sources, unless I’ve had to make so many changes that the recipe honestly becomes something all mine.  I hope you enjoy my blog!


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