Budget Meal Tip: Cut Down Grocery Waste, Part III

Cut Down Grocery Waste by buying frozen vegetables or freeze fresh produce.  

This can be a give and take situation.  Pre-frozen, bagged produce tends to cost more.  However, you can reduce wasting food by only taking out what you need and using the rest later so that nothing “goes bad” before you can use it.  Frozen produce is also usually picked at peak freshness and frozen right away so you may end up with a better product.

One could argue that you can buy fresh produce only as needed, but that may result in multiptile trips to the grocery store, before you would otherwise really need to go again (which also usually results in you buying things you don’t need).  You could also buy more produce than needed and freeze it yourself.  The answer to this is really about finding what works best for your grocery budget, what produce is in season, and your local grocery prices.

This is the third post about how to cut back on wasting groceries.  If you would like to read my other two tips on this, see Budget Meal Tip: Cut Down Grocery Waste, Part I and Part II.

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Cut Down Grocery Waste, Part II: Eat Leftovers

This is my second tip about how to save money by cutting down grocery waste:

Cut down grocery waste by eating leftovers. 

A lot of people like leftovers, if this is your case, then continue making large meals and commit to having them for lunch or something the next day. Leftovers are a cost effective way to eat lunch at work. Since there’s not really any extra preparation other than putting it in a take-along container, it saves you time and effort too!

One of my favorite recipes for leftovers is Pizza Casserole.

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Budget Meal Tip: Cut Down Grocery Waste, Part I

We’re all looking for ways to spread a dollar these days, in order to help y’all do that, I’m beginning a posting thread… is “thread” the right word?  Anyway, I’m going to post some tips for meal planning/preparation on a budget, one-by-one.   They’ll be quick and to the point.

Here’s the first tip:

Cut down grocery waste. 

If you find that you have a lot of leftovers after a meal, try cutting the recipe in half.

A lot of recipe websites will let you type in the number of servings you would like and then calculate the recipe ingredients for you. One of my favorite websites for this and recipes in general is www.allrecipes.com.  Know that if the original recipe only calls for one egg, I usually just put the whole thing in, as one cannot really halve an egg.  I suppose you could put it in a separate bowl, whisk it, then only pour half  (or third or whatever) into the recipe, but then I have part of a wasted egg.  Putting the whole egg in hasn’t caused me any problems yet.

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Happy Meal Planning!!!