Cooking for Friends

While my husband and I were stationed in Hawaii, we became great friends with a couple (and their daughter) by the names of Chad and Stacy.  Stacy and I are very like-minded and “get each other” like all best friends do.  One of our favorite things we share in common is our love of cooking!  We really do love to cook (and eat too)!  We have our differences though… Stacy is a great baker!  I can hold my own with baking, but it’s the cake/muffin/etc. decorating where Stacy’s talents are just phenomenal.  I don’t decorate things so well – not my house, not the yard, and definitely not cakes.  We have a lot of fun together!  I was so excited about their all-too-brief visit that I mulled over what to make for days.  Silly me!

For our one splendid night with them, I decided on incorporating a dessert that I had only made once, it was DELICIOUS the first time!  I’ve been craving it and they were just the excuse I needed to make it again.  I love to cook so much that I want to make it a regular part of my blogging.  So here is the first recipe I want to share with you:

Tell me, would you like to see a cooking video or step-by-step photos by me for the recipes I post?