Baby Schedules Are Important!

I offered on a previous post to help people with their babies’ sleep for free.  I received a few responses from that.  But what has really just blown me away is the number of responses that I received from the same offer I posted on a What to Expect forum.  In 3 days, I’ve had 7 people from that website alone contact me!  I’m busy with my pro bono work and while it would be great to make some extra cash doing something that was so helpful to people and that I actually enjoy, I’m having a good time helping folks out.

So far, I’ve recognized one common issue among the people I’m speaking with – their babies’ sleep schedules are all off to some degree or another.  Some need to regulate nap schedules, others need to be consistent with the “awake for the day” and bedtime times.  it’s truly amazing how much these consistencies affect a baby sleeping well.

I really wanted to write a post with nap schedules and things detailed, but instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m recommending you sign up for the Baby Sleep Site’s free download of 5 Ways to SSTN.  If you decide you don’t want their e-mails and and  things, you can easily opt out of the e-mails later on.  I hope to get some detailed posts on naps soon.

If you have any questions about baby sleep, including naps, please feel free to ask them in the comments.